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By directive of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Liberia, The Honorary Consul of the Republic of Liberia in Minnesota wishes to inform of the Visa Fees Adjustments for United States Citizens traveling to Liberia. Starting from June 1, 2018, visa fees for U.S. Citizens travelling with Tourist or Business visas for a period of One Year (1 Year) will be adjusted to the amount of $160.00 US dollars. 

The Visa Fees for all other nationalities will remain the same.

Attention all applicants: you must make an appointment before coming to the office VIA e-mail at  or (We will respond upon receiving your e-mail to confirm appointment) or by calling ....

The Liberian Consulate in Minnesota is opened one (1) Day a Week on Wednesdays, from 10:00 AM 0 4:00 PM.


Requirements To Be Presented:

  1. Passport (must be valid for six (6) months and above when applying for Visa)

  2. Two (2) recent color passport size photos ( must be taken in front of white background, no sleeveless clothing, no head covering or hats)

  3. Copy of round-trip Airline tickets

  4. Processing FEE: Please See below

    1. Money Order for Visa ONLY: Payable to Liberia Embassy

    2. Note: Applicants outside the United States need to purchase Money Order from an American- affiliated Bank.

    3. Same day processing fees for documents will be an additional Seventy Five U.S Dollars ($75) each. (ALL same day applications must be dropped off before 2:00 PM for pick up between the hours of 3;00 PM-4:00 PM)

    4. Next day processing fees for documents will be an additional Fifty U.S Dollars ($50) each.

  5. A completed and signed Visa Application Form

  6.  (For Business Visa Only) Any person(s) traveling for business must present a letter on company’s letterhead assuming financial responsibility from the company or organization.

  7. Additional requirements for Minor (17 Yrs. Old and below)

A. Original Copy of Birth Certificate
B. Copy of Vaccination records Yellow Book

C. Notarized letter from both parents requesting for the issuance of visa. (Parents must sign) If only one parent/guardian is traveling with minor, explain in the letter. If parent have full custody, attach copy of custody papers. If parents are not traveling with minor, state in letter who will be responsible for the minor and provide copy of valid passport/travel document.
D. Each parent must provide notarized letter in the event that one parent has traveled during the time of processing. If one parent has full custody, kindly attach original custody documents and provide original notarized letter.
E. If one parent is represented on the birth certificate, that parent must provide an original notarized letter requesting the issuance of visa.


NOTE: In the event that applicant cannot apply in person, they must send a written authorization stating who will process on their behalf/ send a United States Postal Service (USPS) self-stamped addressed envelope (PRIORITY MAIL EXPRESS) along with ALL of the above requirements in order to ensure the return of processed document (s).

I. American Citizens ONLY

  • Document/Service                  Validity                                                Fee ($US)

  • Visa – US Citizen                    1 year Multiple                                     $160.00

II. Exempted Countries:

By virtue of ECOWAS Protocol, A/P, 1/5/79 on Free Movement of persons, the Right of Residence and Establishment, all ECOWAS citizens can enter Liberia visa-free using ECOWAS passports that are valid at least six (6) months.

Countries exempted include:





  • The GAMBIA





  • MALI





  • TOGO

• ECOWAS Permanent & Special Reps.

III. ALL Other Countries ONLY
Document/ Service                       Validity                           Fees($US)
Visa-Other countries                    1-3 months Single          $   70.00
Visa- Other countries                   1 Year Multiple               $ 150.00
Visa- Other countries                   2 Years Multiple             $ 250.00

Same Day Rush Service Additional $75.00
Next Day or less than 5 days Service Additional $50.00

Additional Requirements: Please provide a copy of your current valid US visa/permanent resident card/work/student permit where applicable. ALL Fees are NON-REFUNDABLE.

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