The Director of Visas and Passports on a Fact-Finding Mission in Minnesota

The Director of Visas and Passports of the Republic of Liberia Hon. Andrew Wonplo, Sr. visited the Liberian Consulate in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota to access the needs of Liberians nationals living in the state of Minnesota.

In a town hall style, Hon. Wonplo met with a cross section of Liberian Community Leaders to include, the Organization of Liberians in Minnesota, County Organizations, Liberian-owned non-profit organizations, the Liberian Ministers Association of Minnesota and members of the Liberian Community. The forum lasted for two hours and members of the community had the opportunity to ask questions and get clarity on a number of issues and the role of the visa and passport section of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Liberia.

Hon. Wonplo informed members of the Liberian Community in Minnesota that the government of Liberia was doing everything possible to ensure that Liberians and foreign nationals have easy access to visas and passports processing. He said that the government of Liberia has recognized the needs of Liberians in this part of the United States and that the establishment of Consulate Services in Minnesota and the support the government is providing are clear manifestation of President Weah’s government commitment towards the process.

In closing, Hon. George thanked Hon. Wonplo for coming to Minnesota to access the needs of Liberians in the state, as Minnesota has the single largest concentration of Liberians in the diaspora. He asked Hon. Wonplo to express thanks and appreciation to the President of Liberia, H.E. George M. Weah and the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister Findley for the farsightedness in ensuring that Liberians in Minnesota and the Midwest in general have easy access to consulate services.


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