Hon. George Meets with County Leaders in Minnesota

Hon. Jackson K. George met with the leadership of the Liberian County Association in Minnesota to discuss ways in which county organizations in the Diaspora can develop strategies to help develop their respective counties in Liberia. Hon. George who initiated the formation of the county group in 2017, asked the leadership to focus on caring for their members, coordinating their activities to ensure maximum community support but most interestingly, develop an agenda to help develop their homeland. He said that every County in Liberia has a Development Plan and instead of the county leadership in the diaspora developing their own plans, they needed to adopt portions in those development plans that alien with their mission and vision and execute them. He said that one mistake diaspora organizations continue to make, is to collect items or set up programs from the diaspora and try to implement them in the various counties without the collaboration and support from the county administrators and legislative representatives.
“The development of Liberia does not rest with the government alone, it is our collective responsibility to develop our homeland” he lamented. He said that tribal organizations in the Diaspora can help bring relief to their people in Liberia by organizing, pulling together their resources and leveraging their potential. You can renovate schools, build walls, subsidize nurses and teachers’ salaries in the rural areas, etc. but the only way to do this is to have love for country, commitment to institutional building and honesty in purpose.
Speaking for the leadership, the chairlady of the group, Mrs. Aggie Zarzar, president of the Grand Gedeh County Association of Minnesota, thanked Hon. George for his stewardship and vision in ensuring that the group work together to help develop its homeland. She said the formation of the group has made it easier to communicate across organizations and that the level of support amongst organizations and the Liberian community at large have increased. She further told Hon. George, that the county organizations are willing to work with the Consulate in every way to ensure that Liberia benefits through counties support. We will make working with our counties’ administrators and legislative representatives a priority.
Those present at the meeting included, Mr. Samuel Ben president of Margi County, Ms. Rebecca Dennis, Executive Assistant Liberian Consulate, Gafflor Kpanaku Lofa County, Aggie Zarzar of Grand Gedeh County and Mr. Frank Ngafua, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Liberian Business Association. The group meets once a month to share best practices and collaborate on shared programs. Liberia has 15 administrative subdivisions (Counties).

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