Hon. George Fosters Sister City Relationship with Paynesville, Minnesota

The Honorary Consul of the Republic of Liberia in Minnesota Hon. Jackson K. George, Jr. was honored to have been the guest of Mayor Jeff Thompson of the City of Paynesville, in Minnesota. Paynesville, Minnesota has a “Sister City” relationship with Paynesville, Liberia. The discussion centered around the need to enhance the relationship between the both cities.
The City of Paynesville (Minnesota) is in the heart of central Minnesota, Paynesville attracts thousands of visitors each year. Its natural environment and recreational opportunities make Paynesville a perfect place to visit, vacation and call home. Located 30 miles from both St. Cloud and Willmar, Paynesville is truly a place for all ages.
Paynesville (Liberia) is a suburb east of Monrovia. It is geographically larger than the city of Monrovia and is expanding eastward along the Robertsfield Highway and northeastward beyond Red Light Market, one of the largest market areas in Liberia. Paynesville is often considered a part of the Greater Monrovia area.
Photo: (L-R) Mayor Jeff Thompson, Council Woman Alicia LaBeau, Hon. Jackson K. George, Jr. and Mr. Frank Ngafua.
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